Does wire shelving rust?

With our rust-proof wire shelving, you can keep your shelves, your house, and your belongings clean and secure. Ideal for use in the attic, garage, or any other location where rust might occur.

When purchasing wire shelving units, it’s critical to be aware of your alternatives.

The variety of materials available for wire shelving is one of its most appealing features. Each substance has a specific function. Examine the numerous shelf options and explanations below to make sure you make the right pick.

Chrome wire shelving can be replaced with the best epoxy wire shelving. The primary difference is the enhanced corrosion protection provided by the added epoxy coating. The weight capacity is 600 lb. static load capacity is the same as the chrome wire shelving units. Keep in mind that adding casters to any wire shelving unit may reduce the maximum shelf load capacity.

Epoxy wire shelving for cool rooms

What about wire shelving?

Cleaning wire shelving is more complicated than cleaning a straight shelf. There are several nooks and crannies to clean, which may be time-consuming.

To get rid of sticky messes, try a citrus-based cleanser. To remove dried dirt, wipe the shelves clean with a dry paper towel or a soft cloth. For more thorough cleaning, pour a little vinegar into a moist sponge and wipe over the entire shelf. Using a paper towel, pat dry.

What if your metal shelving is already rusted?

Metal shelving was used for its durability. That does not, however, imply that it can endure everything. Rust may occur when water and iron come into contact. It has the potential to damage your metal shelves if left unchecked. Fortunately, cleaning it is not difficult and does not take a long time.

Different Types of Restaurant Shelving

Creating and maintaining a functional storage area in your business can be difficult, mainly if you have limited room and many things to keep, but investing in a shelving unit can help you expand your storage capacity. When it comes to shelving units, there are various shelves, materials, components, and accessories to select from. This article will teach everything about shelving and choose the best shelving unit for your commercial kitchen!

Material Types for Restaurant Shelving When purchasing a shelf unit, one of the essential factors is the material. 

Is your location close to a saltwater body of water?

Will your shelves be used in a wet setting, such as a walk-in refrigerator or a warewashing area? Perhaps you only want to use it for dry storage. Whatever stage you choose to use it in, one of these popular shelf materials will suffice.

Chrome Wire Shelving – Chrome-plated wire shelving is ideal for dry storage or hot settings, such as stockrooms, warehouses, garages, and retail stores. – Chrome wire shelves may or may not come with a clear epoxy coating, but many of these units are NSF Listed. Prone to rust if used in a humid environment – Designed to increase visibility and ventilation, chrome wire shelves may or may not come with a clear epoxy coating. Still, many of these units are NSF Listed.

Benefits of epoxy coated shelving unit

Epoxy-coated wire shelving units are significantly more resistant to humid conditions like warewashing, walk-in refrigerators, and wet storage – Different manufacturers provide different epoxy-coated shelves. However, all hues of epoxy offer the same excellent results.

  • Black epoxy: coated wire shelving, commonly used in retail settings or warehouses because of its subtle colouring, and green epoxy-coated wire shelving, which is more typical of the foodservice business, are two of the most prevalent hues.
  • Polypropylene / Polymer: Polypropylene or polymer shelving units are very corrosion resistant and will not rust even when exposed to saltwater or sea air. Generally made of metal with a thick polypropylene or polymer exterior covering makes them just as robust as steel.
  • Metal shelf units that are standard: Many manufacturers provide lengthier warranties on this sort of shelving unit, which is also an essential factor to consider if you’re considering buying a polypropylene or polymer shelving unit. Antimicrobial.

How to Clean Metal Shelving the Right Way?

Brayco epoxy wire shelf is a fantastic method to organize your belongings. It’s robust and durable, so it can contain a lot of stuff while still keeping your space tidy and organized.

However, spills and other filth and grime may occur depending on what you store on your shelves. Of course, whether at home or in an industrial setting, you should clean your metal shelves regularly.